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Queue management system

  • Geschrieben von Graham Kett,

Queue Management System (QMS) is designed to support seamless customer journeys, or customer flow. This solution clearly helps ticket offices, reception services and customer service providers.

Queue Management System offers a comprehensive system to effectively manage face to face customer contact across single or multiple locations and organise appointment bookings, even down to managing meeting rooms and visitor hospitality.

QMS will enable you to engage your customers as early as possible, identify their service requirements, communicate with them at all times, match each customer with your most suitable member of staff and records valuable data for analysis at each stage of their journey with you.

The L.B. Foster flow management system brings together services across all categories and efficiently organises the flow of people into the operational centre. Key requirements are for the system to be able to arrange appointments, book customers in and direct them to the next available trained customer services representative. This could be at an advisory desk, customer meeting room or even supporting the customer to access self service points. The system needs a solution to record meetings that took place, book meeting rooms for staff and link with other key operational systems.


  • Management of customer waiting times, transaction handling times and provide robust reporting to aid service improvements and resources management.
  • ability to cope with multi touch points every hour 24/7, the system is robust and trustworthy
  • the technical integration enables the system to interact with most platforms.

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