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Driver only operation

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Our innovative product range of NWR Driver Only Operation (DOO) hardware includes fold down camera posts, push/ pull camera posts and raise/ lower monitor stacks, supplemented by our IP65 monitors, camera housings and ancillary equipment.

Our PADS approved safety critical DOO product range is well proven with installations in operation for over 15 years throughout the UK.

In addition to our NWR DOO product range, we have also developed a retractable mounting system (RMS) to a stringent NWR remit, specifically for the Crossrail project. This system allows up to two cameras to be mounted 750mm from the platform edge, which can be electrically lowered to a safe maintenance position. This negates the need for possessions and isolations. Over 300 canopy and stanchion mounted systems are being installed. This innovative solution is paving the way for the future of DOO.

Our DOO solution is specifically designed for minimal and fast maintenance without the need for high level access equipment and offer unrivaled performance and reliability.

Elizabeth Line

Our research, design and development team in Nottingham has developed a robust CCTV structure for use on Elizabeth line platforms for Network Rail.

The solution incorporates our innovative Retractable Mounting System (RMS). This enables maintenance of DOO CCTV cameras at platform level, without the need for high level access equipment, possessions or isolations.

The 24VAC cameras in operation are mounted at 750mm from the platform edge at a height of between 2.75m–3m from platform level. A maximum of two cameras (designated Camera A and Camera B) can be mounted on each RMS, which can be lowered from operational position for platform level maintenance 2.2m from the platform edge.

Lowering of cameras is facilitated by a retractable mounting arm, which is either stanchion or canopy mounted. The retractable mounting arm incorporates a 24VDC 500N linear actuator, which facilitates the lowering/raising of the cameras and sufficient force to lock the cameras rigid when in the operating/raised position.

The retractable mounting arm can only be operated by the RMS control unit. This includes a test monitor and the facility to remotely focus and zoom the camera lens to allow set-up of the cameras without the need of accessing the camera in its operating/raised position.

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