Control panels

  • Geschrieben von Dave Berry,

Control panels have been manufactured in Nottingham for over 100 years and include major projects for the National Grid and Transco control rooms, power generators, brewing, water treatment, process control, motorway and infrastructure network for police and security.

The mosaic mimic system still provides the most cost effective solution for many 24/7/365 process control and visualization applications. Mosaic is well proven, providing a secure and robust engineered solution, giving total confidence to plant and control room operators.

Recent work includes Nuclear Power simulator panels for the Republic of China’s power station programme.

Control panels are made in their entirety in the L.B. Foster factory in Nottingham. Elements include sheet metal work and laser cutting (carcass), painting, wiring, mimic display and testing.


  • Local and proven supplier
  • experience and project credibility
  • approved NWR signalling and Nuclear control room capability