Eisenbahn Signalisierung

Signalling overview display

  • Geschrieben von Dave Berry,

Dynamic mimic display showcasing the whole network section and train progress within the signalling scheme.

Traditionally, signalling control rooms are built around two operational viewpoints. Control desks where the signaller controls & actively interfaces with the train journey including level crossing control.

The second viewpoint is an overview display or mimic diagram showing the whole rail layout section that the particular network the control room manages. This display will show active train tracking in the form of LEDs mimicking the trains progress and the signalling control its journey is affected by.

LB Foster provide mission critical overview displays, normally from its world leading mosaic system Subklew SM24, includes structure support, LED displays, push/pull switches and total overview capability. TFT/LCD displays can be integrated into the mosaic display if required.

Subklew Mosaic systems are the failsafe choice of rail networks across the globe where mission critical 24/7/365 display is essential.

Solution Benefits

  • Dynamic display which is 24/7/365 breakdown free
  • Fully changeable with tile removal and replacement
  • Incorporation of push pull, switches, annunciators and LEDs
  • Interactive display
  • Any size or formats available
  • Comprehensive full turnkey project capability