Eisenbahn Signalisierung

Signalling control panels

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We are a world leader in automated control panel solutions for critical infrastructure. Our control panel builders are highly regarded in the European rail networks and global energy industries.

L.B Foster Control Display & Security are Network Rail’s preferred supplier in the design and manufacture of Rail Signalling Control & Indication Panels, enabling the operators to control the Railway Infrastructure and train movements around the UK.

The mosaic mimic system still provides the most cost effective solution for many 24/7/365 process control and visualization applications. Mosaic is well proven, providing a secure and robust engineered solution, giving total confidence to plant and control room operators. With minimal routine maintenance required, lifetime ownership costs are kept to a minimum. In addition to the basic system we can provide a range of extras including:

  • Relay room iIlluminated overview diagrams
  • adjoining operator workstations and desks
  • type approved level crossing monitors (fascia and desk mount variants)
  • desktop and toolbar mounted alarm & level crossing control panels.


  • Bespoke options - one stop design and build solution
  • world Leading Subklew SM24 Mosaic Mimic System
  • ergonomically designed panel enclosures and fascia layouts to ensure safety and ease of use Network Rail ‘Type Approved’ Push/Pull buttons and LED indication units
  • reduced Costs with effective modification work in the event of future scheme changes
  • reduced Failure - high mean time before failure (MTBF) figures on all ‘Type Approved’ components
  • reduced Time - maintenance is kept to a minimum.

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