Meeting room manager

  • Geschrieben von Graham Kett,

Meeting Room Manager (MRM) solution, allows the client to book rooms via a simple web user interface or through their individual Outlook account.

Our development team was challenged by one of our City Councils to help manage their meeting room space more efficiently. They had plenty of rooms, many of them booked for much of the day. Our technical team noted that in some occasions the rooms were double booked or sometimes meetings weren’t attended by anyone!

Interactive Touch Panels can easily be fitted at each meeting room location. The Touch Panel enables the users to make bookings directly from outside the room and the system has server to Touch Panel push notification, so the screens are continuously updated.

The system can also be extended to manage a range of other bookable assets in the business, for example parking spaces and hot-desks. The System can also be used to manage in room presentation equipment and report live faults

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