Customer information systems

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L.B. Foster’s software development delivers delivers information to passengers and visitors, where and when they need it most. Pioneering technology, keeping people informed and connected.

At L.B. Foster we have a strategy for influencing, servicing and enhancing the visitor experience across their whole journey with personalised, consistent, real-time information to wherever and whenever the customer needs it.. Delivered to the point of contact such as kiosk screen, totems or wall mounted displays, Digital ProMedia is a robust, mission critical platform that can send all forms of media including text, video, emergency messaging and operational presentations to unlimited number of sites & multi-screen locations.

L.B. Foster Netpractise have a comprehensive Operational Information System which was rolled across across the UK Rail Network of over 479 stations. All managed & installed by L.B. Foster including director software delivering media to each individual screen 24/7

Solutions include Operational Information Systems, allowing train operators to deliver staff and passenger information at any time including disruption, real time timetables, long term warnings of works or disruption . Customer Information systems giving passengers and visitors real time information,arrivals/departures, Darwin feed and other TOC enabled data. enhancing their experience

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