WorkSmart Form Designer

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Replace your paper forms in minutes

Keeping track of your data while on the move has never been easier with WorkSmart Form Designer by L.B. Foster.

WorkSmart makes forms your team can easily fill out on their smartphones, anywhere they are. No more collated paper forms data entry or messy handwriting, no more lengthy excel document or hand-built word documents. WorkSmart! makes it easy.

Send inspection forms to field technicians or customer information forms to your sales team, you can even collect signatures and photos for your records, the possibilities are endless.

Form entry doesn’t require any internet access and when your team returns to service your form analyses every field according to the rules you determine and lets the user know when action is required.

WorkSmart connects to every business intelligence application, allowing seamless control of your data after it is collected.

How does it work?

Create your form

  • Using robust features and custom data fields that are as simple or complex as you require them to be

Publish your forms

  • Make them available to your workforce to complete online and offline

Capture your data in the app

  • Using your Android or Apple, complete the form out in the field.

Review Your Captured Data

  • Build dashboards or reports to visualise and analyse your recorded data.

Key Features

Version Controlled Forms

  • Create new versions anytime
  • Ability to recall previous versions
  • Use existing forms to produce new
  • Seamless form version reporting

Manage devices

Tag Features

  • Use tags to link forms to users
  • Target user groups with specific forms
  • Create custom tags
  • Manage tags to suit organisation structure

Other Features

  • Offline data collection
  • Image capture with annotations and drawings
  • Business insights and dashboards