Anatomy Suite

  • Geschrieben von Graham Kett,

Built from the ground up, the Anatomy Software Suite is a collection enterprise level systems which aid your business in the management of Assets, maintenance of Assets, collect data from assets and drive new business behaviours through data.

Anatomy works in any industry, it can be tailored to fit your company through end user customisation of the product. There are significant benefits with Anatomy Suite:

  • Track and update your core asset information
  • Customise what data you want to hold, and where it is presented, capture incoming data from your IOT enabled devices and drive automated workflows.

With our field operative application, breakdown and maintenance activities can be assigned to your engineers:

  • Allowing for accurate capture of asset issues,
  • Reviewing of prior works, remedial action capture, parts fitted and part ordering.

Through analytics, data from the field can be reviewed by leadership teams to help understand what is happening in the field and how operational behaviours impact the business.