Bahntechnologien Nachrichten

Wie sie uns erreichen

Auch wir wurden gezwungen unsere Arbeitsweisen umzustellen, jedoch sind alle unsere Teams nach wie vor und wie gewohnt für Sie erreichbar.

Laub auf der Schiene

Is the idea of ‘leaves on the line’ a myth perpetuated by the press or a mission-critical issue for the rail network? Now our Traction Gel Applicator (TGA) is attracting attention from network operators and owners alike

Track to the power of three cost-effective friction management

L.B. Foster is developing a cost-effective friction management solution for dual gauge track applications. Here we look at a project in Brazil.

ATC Crossrail - All hands to the pump

Our team of solutions engineers in Sheffield has created a new, wall-mounted friction management solution, specifically for installation in the new Crossrail tunnels.

Fifteen million sold and counting

When considering the big numbers, with over 15 million sold, it’s clear that KELSAN® Solid Stick friction management solution by L.B. Foster is the world’s leading system for reducing wear at the wheel/rail interface.