Pallet stackers

  • Geschrieben von Steve Dewey,

Our innovative range of pallets stackers/destacking mean fewer fork lift truck movements and less risky manual handling for operators.

Safety in any work space is paramount, particularly in warehouses and distribution centres where there are many operatives and fork lift truck movements.

Our pallet Stacking Solutions deliver a 10 second cycle with up to six individual pallets per minute destacked or stacked, with a standard capacity of 10 pallets. Larger pallet capacity is available, however 10 pallets height is regarded as the safe number to be handled in most distribution facilities. Standard units can stack or de-stack pallets on demand.

Pallet Stackers have been developed for 24-hour operation to meet requirements of large distribution warehouse facilities. Mesh peripheral guarding around the pallet destacker allows the user of the pallet destacker to see the pallets in the stacker and also makes the Pallet Stacker less conspicuous. The addition of interlocked light guards to the pallet load/unload access of the pallet destacker allows the solution to meet necessary safety requirements

Our pallet Stacker is CE marked.


  • Stack or de-stack mode
  • presents single pallet to operator
  • fast cycling to enable quick access
  • 3 phase supply
  • very tolerant pallet entry and exit
  • accepts single pallets and creates a neat stack.
  • 10 stack capacity.
  • 24 hours per day reliability.
  • site, plug in and use, no civil work required.
  • no compressed air requirement.
  • cycle rate 10 seconds.
  • basic dimensions: h= 2700mm, w=1800mm, d= 1400mm
A green Staktec machine with wooden pallets placed inside by pallet jack