Debander (destrapper)

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Our Vertical Pallet Debander automatically locates, cuts and removes vertical plastic straps from stacks of pallets.

See our debander in action in our video case study at the Britvic Rugby Plant

Plastic straps are used widely in the food and beverage industries to secure goods on pallets during transportation. Safely removing and disposing responsibly of the straps is a challenge facing the sector.

At L.B. Foster Automation & Materials Handling our debander solutions include custom-designed machines that remove pallet retaining straps both vertically and horizontally. Straps are located automatically, cut, removed and shredded for recycling.

Key Benefits


  • Faster processing time than manual debanding
  • Automated removal of vertical pallet straps
  • 24 hour operation
  • Quick and simple installation into new or existing lines
  • Allows recycling of bands.


  • Safer debanding operations than manual debanding
  • High tension bands can be a risk to operatives -Cut bands can be sharp and can lacerate personnel when being removed at speed.


  • Effortless waste removal by automatically granulating the removed bands
  • Variable granulation size to match recycling requirements.

Industry Proven

  • Vertical Pallet debander is already in use in many breweries, soft drink, food and non food production locations.

“L.B. Foster‘s vertical debanders tick all the boxes when it comes to speed, accuracy and safety, with the added bonus of reducing our environmental footprint with its clever, in-built recycling hopper for plastic retaining straps. These are shredded and the resultant granules sent for recycling.”

Mick Haswell, Maintenance Manager, Britvic
A vertical debander with a roller conveyor