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We specialise in the design, build and supply of systems and machines to precisely suit global manufacturing and production demands.

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We are experts in the intelligent application of materials handling and conveyor technologies, combined with automated assembly, test and robotic technologies.

We create smart automated and materials handling solutions for the automotive, food and beverage, warehouse and logistics and manufacturing sectors. These range from bespoke, fully automated testing and manufacturing machines to our wide range of high-performance conveyors.

Automated Solutions

We possess a remarkable track-record in creating bespoke industrial automation solutions for some of the biggest names in the automotive and food and beverage sectors. Our clients include Bentley, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, JCB and Premier Foods.

We design, manufacture, install and commission all of our machines, ensuring performance is optimised and reliability maximised. Our solutions include flywheel assembly for Bentley, cake conveyors for Premier Foods and door seal testing rigs for BMW. Our horizontal and vertical debanders are used widely by some of the best known drinks brands.

  • 15

    Lane automated cake conveyor for Mr Kipling

  • 132

    Our Tullamore Distillery Drain and Fill Line for William Grants & Sons is capable of handling up to 132 whisky casks per hour

  • 18.5

    18.5 metres of 6” pitch chain conveyor at Old Bushmills Distillery as the main fill line conveyor with a maximum moving load of 2600kg

  • 100

    Up to 100 American casks per hour throughput at Old Bushmills Distillery

We are a leading supplier of high-performance conveyors that keep the wheels of industry turning.

Conveyor Solutions

We specialise in the most efficient and effective method of moving products from A to B in storage, distribution and manufacturing facilities.

Our specialist conveyor solutions are proven in-service, with multiple applications and installations across a wide range of industries. We provide bespoke automated materials handling solutions designed for heavyweight vehicle production lines to lightweight garment carousels.

And our conveyors and smart materials handling solutions are chosen by household brands, including Diageo, ASDA, DHL, Honda and Smith & Nephew.

Everything we do is about helping your business to work more efficiently and effectively. Our relationship goes beyond delivery, installation and commissioning.

After Sales Support

We give you the peace of mind you deserve. We’re dedicated to providing you with fantastic after sales support. That includes on-site training for your people, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to maintain your equipment. And if additional support is needed, our engineers can provide remote diagnostics, interrogating your machines to determine issues and provide solutions.

We assess your requirements and create after sales packages that are tailored to your requirements. That includes advice on recommended spares packages, as well as service and maintenance contracts.

Smart pallet stacking

Our safe, efficient and effective pallet handling solution

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